Saturday, April 21, 2007

Noteable Blog Cancellations

Well, I've made some "claims" and started some "series" on here within the past few months. Now, one of those never came to fruition, and the other, well.. you'll see.

"My Halo Humpday Challenge"

Status: Cancelled

A while ago on the forum, I bragged about (and posted an excerpt of) an epic Halo 2 LAN party I had attended. And totally owned at. Well, after two months now of not finishing, let alone posting, the final product I've decided to just cancel it altogether. Written in the style of the Bungie Humpday Challenges, mine described the tale of me and friends, and me owning friends. Needless to say, writing it up was more of an impulse action. And as time went on, the impulse to finish the thing just faded away. So, it will forever be unfinished.

What Will Come of It: I'll likely be writing up a LOT of Humpdays similar to what I started to do with this one come May. You already know what I'm talking about, so I won't even say the word :).

"Halo 3: What Are You Doing, Bungie?!"

Status: Possibly Cancelled

A little longer ago, I made a post talking about how I thought Bungie was doing a horrible, and in some cases juvenile job with Halo 3. Man Cannons, changing the HUD, and introducing a slew of items deemed "unnecessary" were all targets of mine that I attributed to Bungie's lack of focus and what not. Well, here I stand before you (virtually), and admit that I... like.. Halo 3. The Beta, Weekly Updates with juicy information, the latest Vidoc -- all are factors that have come together to at least stunt my doubt and criticism toward Halo 3. I still have a few doubts, like the Bubble Shield-deploying, trip mine-dropping, deployable grav lift-deploying almighty "X" button, but other than that everything looks great to me. Especially the replay feature, which we have no seen and will experience ourselves in a little over three short weeks.

What can I say, Bungie. You've won me over. For now.

What Will Become of It: There's no saying really. Perhaps after the game, or Beta, is released I'll have my rants about it. But as for now, it's lookin' pretty cancelled to me. Good job Bungie!

~Major Silva

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