Friday, May 18, 2007

Halo 3 Beta.. Wow. Just.. wow.

I apologize for my less than stellar writing in this new blog post, but after playing Halo 3 for over two hours now, my heads still buzzing.

To start off.. let me just say this is by far the most fun I have had on my 360 in the past, oh, I don't know -- EVER. Bungie, I heart you. The little time I had to wait after the Crackdown debacle greatly outweighs just how awesome this thing is. I'm not going to write up a huge post, being that I don't feel I've spent that much time with the game to come to any real conclusions. So, I'll just highlight a few things.


-- The MA5C assault rifle. Seriously. It's not an overpowered spawn weapon, but it can really hold its own in a fight. Although to this date I haven't really taken Frankie's advice and fired short controlled bursts...

-- Equipment. Nearly all are useful and at the same time a joy to use. Using the Grav Lift on High Ground, for example, to toss grenades up on two bridge-campers and watching them go flying is awesome. At the same time, tossing down a Bubble Shield to save you or your friend's life can be rewarding down the line. Same for tossing a Power Drainer right before you die :).

-- Dual Wielding! For once, I actually want to dual wield now. Brute Spikers are my favorite; I even tend to trade them off for an Assault Rifle. But please note that SMGs can really hold their own now. I actually got a double kill with a pair of them against two enemies -- with the same clip(s). One had an Assault Rifle and the other a Battle Rifle. Neither survived.

-- Melee! Like many, I was taken aback after trying to whack a guy after my magazine ran out, only to find I didn't immediately jump five feet toward him. Melee lunge = gone!

-- Turrets. Both the actual mini-gun turret and Missle Pod "turret" are a joy to use. I've gotten a few kills with the Missle Pod on Valhalla, and at least a killing spree using the mini-gun on High Ground. Great stuff.


-- Spartan Laser. Meh, it's more of a personal problem. Just can't seem to get any kills with the thing really. A little more practice might help, but it seems that whenever I get it, someone snipes me from across the map. Facing a Laser sniper from a ways away is also quite frustrating.

-- Snowbound. Design wise, it's a great map. But I haven't had one match I really liked on it.

-- Needler. Maybe it's the same with the Laser, but I can't seem to do anything with it. The design of the actual weapon is somewhat... weak, but I do respect the faster rate of fire. I've only gotten to handle the weapon a couple times, and died after pumping a clip into a guy to no effect. Guess I just plain suck with the thing.

Favorite Moments:

-- The aforementioned killing of two enemies with a pair of SMGs. Great to have the things be useful this time around.

-- Multiple killing sprees with dual Spikers on High Ground. Just fun to see those spikes tear through a bad guy's shields.

-- Getting not one, but two kills with the revamped Brute Shot on High Ground. Firing three shots, I killed one near the Laser nest (more specifically, the ledge out to the right of it; appears people don't notice you there often). Then, checking my radar, jumped down to nail another with three more shots.

-- My first game, actually sticking someone. Not with a Plasma. Oh no. A Spike Grenade. Needless to say I have never before actually stuck someone.. with anything before. Great moment on High Ground.

-- On Valhalla, I blind threw a plasma grenade as I jumped off of the rocks near the middle of the map, toward the river. Not really thinking I would even damage the guy, lo and behold it turned out I not only damaged him, but stuck him. Needless to say, I saved that film :).

-- Once on Valhalla I "rallied the team" together toward the area the Man Cannon sends you. We were red, and all four of us were at various locations near the ending location of the MC. I had two Spikers and an AR, with one plasma, two spike, and two frag grenades. On top of that, I had the mine, which I promptly placed near the end point of the MC (a little off though..). Enemy after enemy kept coming, whom I would promptly tear to shreds with my Spikers with my team mates sniping a few with the Laser and providing support. I only died twice, and actually got the last kill of the game with a sneaky tactic. Hard to fully describe, but really an amazing moment.

All I can think of for now. Hopefully I'll have more over the next week or so. Until then, post your greatest moments/likes/dislikes in the comments!

Here's to more Beta goodness!

~Major Silva


Dav Flamerock said...

If you have the movies you saved, send 'em to me and I'll upload them onto the site!

Or just upload them yourself. :p

Bob said...

I disagree when it comes to the just need to try it more. Keep it red on somebody, shoot at least half a clip into them, and you've got a kill. I -almost- want to call it overpowered...but it's not. It's just plain pink powered fun. The only bad thing is that it gets most of it's action on Snowbound, where the pink shards can't be seen in all their radiance. Play with them more, I think you'll find them to your liking.

I had a hard time getting use to the Spartan's hard to kill the instincts to take one's finger off the trigger.

~Clubinator~ said...


-the needler doesn't suck, you just have to aim where the enemy is going.

-i'm saddened (and relieved) that you can't dual wield them.

-the brute spikers are like god... on small maps, that is.

-rockets have been gutted, but all their goodness reincarnated in the missile pod.

-the plasma pistol, not only was never restored to it's halo 1 godliness, but they gutted it some more, making it useless to anyone who doesn't practice with it.

-the sniper was gutted so much. it has practically no tracking, so now one must rely on skill to shoot (i'm not sure if thats good or bad)

-the spartan laser is a new godly noob weapon, it takes little skill to use, and is heavily exploited by anyone that can aim really well.

-I personally think that bungie should test with "balancing" it.

other than that, the game rocks eh, the graphics are like none other, i've only expierienced lag once, and nobody knows how to cheat in it yet :)

Anthony said...

I'm actually quite fond of the laser. It does take some getting used to, but once you have control of it, it can be great. The human turret is also a great weapon to mow people down with. One of my favorite tactics on Valhalla has been planting to Trip Mine only to get a random triple kill later on.