Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Best Halo 3 Beta Montage.. That I've Seen At Least

I love the Halo 3 Beta, you know that (and likely many of you are playing it right now). And while searching on YouTube for any new videos, I came across one of these "montage" things a few people evidently put out there every year or so (meh, who knows). Apparently someone made one using various clips from countless Halo 3 Beta games he was a part of. Now, I wouldn't be mentioning this normally, but under two circumstances I feel it should be noted.

One, it rocks, and is probably the best song+timing+gameplay Beta montage I've seen so far. The song, entitled "Phenomenon" can describe both his gameplay, yes, but I took it with also describing just the huge popularity of the Halo franchise in general. The Halo games have really sprung forth just this huge frenzy of newfound love for Bungie and the Xbox consoles. It truly is a "phenomenon".

And two, I'll use this to announce an upcoming effort of the UNSCDF to provide you with Beta coverage in the form of staff-made videos we will put up on the site (and probably have a YouTube link for you quick-and-dirty types, like me :) ). On top of that, you'll probably find some analysis on the actual Beta coming in the same section (will appear under "Features" when this is finalized). So, look for more info on that in this week's Weekly Update

No, onto the video!

For cereal.

~Major Silva

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